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Mindfulness helps you face the challenges of cancer-one moment at a time!

Can you remember the day were you diagnosed with cancer? Can you remember how you felt hearing those three little words "you have cancer? "

As a cancer survivor myself with extensive experience working with cancer patients at all stages of illness and recovery, I know that a diagnosis of cancer can be a deeply traumatic event. Overwhelming emotional turmoil, stress, and anguish can often follow in its wake, as you grapple with the new world of survival statistics and treatment options. And it's not uncommon for that emotional rollercoaster to continue. The truth is whether you were diagnosed last week or ten years ago, living well with cancer can be extremely challenging...

you’re not only facing a life-threatening illness that assails the body, but your whole being is impacted --emotional, psychological, spiritual, as well as physical.

  • What if you could learn simple, effective ways to help you relax during this intensely challenging time?
  • What if you could find a way to face your fears with more equanimity and calm anxiety?
  • What if you could change your negative thinking?
  • What if you could discover a kinder way to relate to yourself and your challenges?

If your answer to any of these questions is " yes," then mindfulness will help you find a healthier way to relate to yourself and living with cancer.

Mindfulness gives you tools to work with the anxiety, fear, and stress that suppress the immune system, interfere with your response to treatment, and hinder your healing. When you learn how to turn off the stress response, you will be able to invite relaxation, which in turn helps you redirect your energy towards your healing and recovery.

You'll find an inner oasis of calm that will help you to relax and face the challenges ahead with more ease and equanimity.

Professional Experience
Erica is the founder and creator of Awake & Alive Mindful Living with Cancer retreats. These five-day residential retreats hosted at the Whidbey Institute in Washington State, have proved immensely popular with cancer patients and their families. Participants have come from as far afield as Alaska, Colorado, California Canada and Europe. They were inspired by Erica’s personal experience going through cancer treatment when she could not find a meditative retreat with other cancer patients. She vowed she would create one and did!

As a faculty member of the Harmony Hill Cancer Retreat Center in Union, WA, Erica has brought her extensive experience in mindfulness and stress reduction to the healing programs offered here for people living with cancer, their caregivers and families. At Harmony Hill, she facilitates three-day cancer retreats and teaches mindfulness, meditation and stress reduction skills, and facilitates groups and sharing circles. She has designed and facilitated a popular new Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat for Harmony Hill.

Erica has taught and presented on mindfulness and cancer in various settings including Fred Hutch Cancer Research Centre, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, the University of Washington and the Center of Mindfulness, MA. She has led many workshops and taught mindfulness meditation for CancerLifeline a support center for those affected by cancer in Seattle.

Ways to Work with Erica

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy
In my psychotherapy practice at the Seattle Mindfulness Center, I work with people living with cancer who are at all stages of treatment or recovery. I also work with cancer survivors, caregivers and family members, and all those whose lives are touched by cancer.

Mindful Cancer Coaching
Mindfulness training and coaching for those living with cancer at any stage. This program is designed for those who would like to learn mindfulness skills and meditations to support their emotional, physical and spiritual health and healing. And is also perfect for those who have an established mindfulness practice, or have attended mindfulness and cancer retreats or workshops with Erica, and would like support in deepening their practice.

  • Beginning with an initial assessment of your needs- we define your goals and create your individualized cancer coaching plan for learning and applying mindfulness practices.
  • Individual coaching sessions are conducted by phone or Skype
  • Homework assignments are given based on client’s needs and preferences
  • Individual Sessions or Mindful Coaching packages are available

Limited slots are available
To make an appointment email Erica for availability and scheduling.


Please note: Mindful Cancer Coaching is mindfulness training, support and coaching-
not psychotherapy and no medical advice is provided.

Awake & Alive Mindful Living with Cancer Retreats

These life-affirming retreat offer anyone living with cancer the opportunity to explore what it means to live well while facing serious illness. A balanced program of transformative, healing practices gives you practical tools to navigate the emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges of cancer – empowers you to live fully awake and alive in the midst of change and uncertainty.

What to Expect

  • A safe and nurturing environment that honors and supports each person’s unique journey with cancer.
  • Gentle and insightful mindfulness, stress reduction and loving-kindness practices that help you relax body and mind, and live with more ease, awareness and acceptance.
  • Opportunities to listen deeply and share stories and feelings in a supportive circle.
  • Expressive Arts to unlock the healing power of creativity.
  • Laughter, creativity, celebration, joyful play and delicious, gourmet meals

Who Will Benefit?
Anyone with any type of cancer, at any stage, including remission - and their caregiver, partner or family member. This retreat is designed for those living with cancer who is interested in personal healing, growth, and transformation.

Attend a Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat

- Awake & Alive Mindful Living with Cancer: 2-Day Retreats.
- Awake & Alive Mindful Living with Cancer: 5-Day Residential Retreats

Cancer & Mindfulness Media

A Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness Meditation for Cancer Survivors
Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness- Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA.

Care For Caregivers: Mindfulness & Stress Management To Reduce Burnout
Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness- Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA.

Participant Testimonial: Awake & Alive Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat
W. was kind enough to offer her thoughts and feelings about her experience at the retreat.

Mindfulness in Action: Cancer Today magazine

Mindful Living With Cancer
Erica Rayner-Horn, LMHCA, speaks about the importance of mindfulness as a way to live in the present moment, surrender to what is, and ultimately find peace even in the most troubling circumstances.

Awake & Alive Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat
Erica Rayner-Horn, LMHCA describes this life-affirming retreat that offers anyone living with cancer the opportunity to explore what it means to live fully awake and alive while facing serious illness.

Mindful Living with Cancer Events 2015

for Cancer Survivors & Caregivers

September 18-21
Harmony Hill Cancer Retreat Center,
Union WA
registration is full-wait list only!

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation & Healing
September 29
Healing Circles, Langley, W.A.

Mindful Living with Cancer Alumni Day
October 24
Healing Circles, Langley, W.A.

Mindful Living with Cancer Events 2016

Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat
April 25-29
Whidbey Institute, WA

UK Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat
May 16-19
Purley Chase Centre
Warwickshire, England

Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat
September 12-16
Whidbey Institute, WA

Testimonials from Cancer Patients, Survivors & Caregivers

Thank you for creating such a wonderful healing space. I was very frightened of this next round of radiation, but now have wonderful tools to help me. I am Awake and Alive, and I am so grateful!!!  —Z.

This retreat really helps one deal with the pain and uncertainty of living with cancer. Helps one live a “healed” life, regardless of diagnosis or prognosis.
  —Betsy D.
Living with the unknown is so stressful- I learnt to relax and live in the present rather than fixate on future fears. I feel transformed - more at ease and open-hearted.  —
L. S.

I highly recommend this program; I found a different relationship with cancer and tools to find my own healing within me.  —Wendy H.

Immensely helpful! I came for my husband and healed myself. I not only feel rejuvenated, but I feel more powerful and ready for everything.  —F. S.

I go home a more whole human being,. I am less afraid. You have given me access to the healing within me. Thank you.  —S. C.

I loved Erica’s ability to guide meditation. She is so gifted. I learned where my anxiety lives and learned to be more vulnerable and it’s OK.  —Anonymous

My wife (caregiver) and I are deeply grateful and appreciative. We are renewed, recharged and unafraid of the future.  —J. S.

I have grown so much from this retreat- I understand myself better, my cancer better, and have renewed hope, encouragement and inspiration.  —B.

This is my first time in a group with other people living with cancer—it has been so healing. I feel heard and understood at such a deep level.  —Robin B.


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