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In my psychotherapy practice, I see clients affected by a cancer diagnosis, who are at all stages of treatment or recovery. I work with cancer survivors, caregivers and family members, and all those whose lives are touched by cancer.

Cancer Support Group
Tending the Inner World of Cancer is a cancer support group which I offer periodically offer. It is open to anyone interested in living well with cancer - patients at any stage of treatment and their families.  A diagnosis of cancer is a challenge, and for many this is a difficult and exhausting time. With so much to cope with already, you may wonder why a support group may be helpful to you.  MindBody research has shown that sharing feelings, concerns and experiences in a supportive group can enhance healing, lead to a more positive experience of illness, and a more favorable prognosis.

This small group offers a safe, supportive circle to share and hear one another’s story. Each person’s experience of cancer is unique and respected in this group, there is no right way, only what is true for each person. Various topics are explored, and our sessions include some simple guided relaxation and visualization exercises.

Mindfulness Meditation
I currently teach mindfulness meditation in cancer support groups for CancerLifeline in Seattle.  For details, please see my Events/Workshops page. Also see my New Mindfulness Meditation CD

Mindfulness Meditation for Cancer Support Groups 
For more information contact:
Cancer Lifeline Seattle

Other Medical Conditions
I also work with clients with various acute and chronic medical conditions, and those facing life-threatening illness.


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