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Mindful Living with Cancer Retreats

Cancer can be one of the greatest challenges in life; it can be a stressful and overwhelming for everyone it touches. Awake & Alive Mindful Living with Cancer Retreats are designed to help you to navigate the emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of the journey with cancer with more ease, courage and acceptance.

We bring together powerful researched-based healing modalities that have a significant effect on physical health, emotional stability and improved resilience to cope with the stress of serious illness. You will be introduced to the transformative healing practices of mindfulness and stress reduction; the ancient discipline of Qigong; and the expressive arts as a vehicle for deeper exploration and self-reflection. You will learn tools that help transform fear and anxiety. Both body and soul will be rejuvenated with delicious, locally sourced organic food; acres of unspoiled peaceful forest; and the gift of the nurturing, supportive community we create together.

You and your partner or caregiver are warmly invited to gift yourself with this unique opportunity for deep reflection, healing and transformation. You will leave with practical tools and living practices that empower you to live well in the midst of change and uncertainty.

Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat

April 20-24, 2020

Join us for this popular annual retreat at the beautiful
Whidbey Institure, WA

Past participants said:
"This retreat really helps one deal with the pain and uncertainty of living with cancer. Helps one live a 'healed' life, regardless of diagnosis and prognosis." –Betsy D.

"Erica is very experienced, gifted, skilful, knowledgeable and very gentle –I’ve learned so much about mindfulness and living as well as we can – in the time that we have." Jacqui J.


Erica Rayner-Horn M.A., L.M.H.C.——is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and an instructor of the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program.  Learn more online.  She leads workshops and retreats on mindfulness, meditation and stress reduction, and has taught for CancerLifeline and local hospitals and presented at Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington.

Erica is passionate about teaching mindfulness as an effective way to cope better and to live well through the challenging experience of cancer. With than 30 years of meditation training and practice, she is the author of the CD “Finding Tranquility-Guided Mindfulness Meditations for Stressful Times,” and an upcoming book on cancer and mindfulness.



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